How to Beat the Heat this Summer with Your Senior


With seniors already having a greater risk of dehydration, it’s harder for our elderly loved ones to adjust to temperature changes, especially heat.   As the body ages, our elderly loved ones are also at higher risk for heat-related illnesses, which may also be affected by certain medications they may be currently taking.

While there are concerns for increases in heat-related illnesses during the summer months (especially in the South), it does not mean you can't enjoy the warm weather by taking the proper precautions. Here are some ways to help beat the heat this summer.

Stay Hydrated

Unless recommended by a healthcare professional, it is essential to ensure your senior is drinking plenty of cool liquids during the warmer seasons. Preferable liquids include water, fruit or vegetable juice, or sports drinks, and does not contain alcohol or caffeine, as it does not provide a lot of hydration and can cause dehydration. Additionally, cool liquids should also be consumed consistently and not just when your loved one is feeling thirsty. Preparing for the heat in advance is essential.

Dress Accordingly

If your elderly loved one is attending an outdoor event or will be outside for most of the day, make sure they are wearing the proper attire. They should wear loose, breathable clothing that helps prevent heat. Consider stocking up on light-colored clothes to help reflect the sunlight, hats to keep the sun off their faces and upper body, and sunglasses to protect their eyes. Whenever possible, keep your senior in the shade and ensure they are wearing sunblock (SPF 30+) to protect their skin. Try to avoid direct sunlight, especially for long periods of time if at all possible.

Avoid Hot Foods

With BBQ's being an everyday event during the summer, it can also lead to heat exhaustion. Give your elderly loved one a more refreshing alternative such as a smoothie, cold soup, or fruit.  These alternatives provide a healthy and quick treat that's easy to digest while offering several nutrients that are easy to digest.

Look for Warning Signs

It's important for your senior to stay safe during the summer months, but that doesn't mean they have to suffer inside all season. If you and your family take the right precautions and pay attention to potential symptoms, everyone will have a fun (and safe) summer vacation!

Some symptoms may include but are not limited to:

  • pale or clammy skin

  • extreme thirst

  • headaches

  • muscle spasms

  • lightheadedness

  • fainting

  • mild nausea or vomiting

  • excessive sweating

  • rapid heartbeats

  • confusion

  • high body temperatures

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