Vacationing with your Senior

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As the summer months approach, it’s always exciting to think about vacationing with our family and friends. Thoughts of heading to the beach, a museum, or maybe even a road trip… While these ideas are fun and exciting, we often forget about the challenges our elderly loved-ones might face on these journeys.  

Here are 3 ways to make your summer vacations fun and comfortable for your older family members.

#1. Consulting their doctor

Before planning any vacation events, make sure you've consulted with your elderly loved one's doctor to ensure their ability to travel. It is important to discuss if any special accommodations should be requested and if any activities are off limits. If your loved one currently has help at home, discuss whether you will also bring their home health aid along for the trip.

For those with limited mobility, something as simple as getting around an airport can be challenging. The key is to plan ahead! This includes ensuring the locations on your trip have proper accessibility. Most of this information can be done with a quick search on Google. Do your research to help reduce their anxiety before the trip even begins.

#2. Pack accordingly

Whether you're taking a short road trip or a week vacation, you will need to ensure that the needs of your senior will be met quickly. For example, medication and supplies should be handy and within reach should anything happen. Consider putting together a list of medication and that you have ample supply to take, refill any prescriptions ahead of time, include essential medical information and identification, make any arrangements for needed equipment rentals such as wheelchairs or other accessories, and that there are plenty of familiar items for comfort and familiarity.

#3. Plan your stops

While most people want to get to their destination quickly, consider the needs of your loved one. This may mean more frequent stops and breaks, giving them an opportunity to stretch and use the restroom. Perhaps planning sit-down meals or visits to nearby attractions.

Remember, no one wants to be a burden, consider planning the stops, then your elderly loved one won't feel as if they are troublesome. Also, creating a similar schedule allows some comfort, especially for those seniors with cognitive disabilities.

Whatever trips you decide to plan, remember to HAVE FUN! Take your time and enjoy the time you have as you make new memories with your family members.

About Lenus In Home Care

At Lenus In Home Care (previously On Call Staffing - Home Care), our aids are certified and specialize in working with elderly patients in the comfort of their own environment in Georgia or South Carolina. Our Certified Nursing Assistants can help your family with personal care services, homemaking services, or for companionship.

For more information on whether you should consider hiring a Certified Nursing Assistant to help your loved one, contact Lenus In Home Care! We would love to offer our assistance and help you feel more secure about your elderly loved one at home.

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