Make Holiday Time Special for Your Seniors

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In just a few days, we’ll begin the celebration of the holiday season. Filled with food, family, and friends, the holiday season can be enjoyable and also stressful. While most of us leave with happy memories and excitement for what’s to come, our seniors may be in a different boat. Whether your elderly loved ones are in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or if lucky, still in their own homes, make sure you take the time to create a memorable experience.

Here are some ideas to keep your senior in the holiday spirit.

Living Independently

If your seniors are living independently in their own homes, it still may not mean that they are able to decorate or cook meals as they have in the past. These duties tend to fall to the children and other family members. So how do you make the entire process enjoyable without causing a lot of unnecessary stress?

  • Try to keep the holiday decor as close to how your senior remembers it.

  • Make sure to ask their opinion on decorations, food, etc.

  • While decorating, put on some of their favorite holiday music selections.

  • Get the whole family involved in decorating and spending time together.

  • Have your loved ones share stories or memories of their favorite holiday moments.

  • Find ways to make their holiday easier - wrapping gifts, cleaning, shopping, etc.

  • Catch your seniors up on the latest. Show pictures, awards, and moments that they may have missed.

Nursing Home or Assisted Living

If you’re not bringing your senior to another family member’s home and celebrating in a nursing home or assisted living facility, consider still doing what’s listed above, but scale it down. If they have a roommate, be considerate of their needs as well. You may want to consider having their roommate join in, especially if they don’t have family visiting.

Regardless of what ideas you decide to follow, remember that your presence is the most important thing. Many seniors, especially ones who have lost their spouse or friends, may experience depression or be negative. Do your best to be as positive as you can. Remember, they are in a different place and most likely experiencing loss of their own.

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